May 20, 2024

Apple Inc. has announced its upcoming “Let Loose” event scheduled for May 7, with a focus on new hardware, particularly within the iPad line. This event comes before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) set for June and is expected to unveil upgraded models of the iPad Pro and iPad Air, along with potential new versions of iPad-centric accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

The event is scheduled to be streamed live at 7 AM PT, 10 AM ET, and 2 PM GMT, and can be accessed via Apple’s official website, Apple TV, or YouTube, ensuring a global audience can tune in for the announcements.

Despite various leaks and speculations, Apple has managed to keep product details under wraps, adding an element of mystery to the event.

The highlight of the event is expected to be the new iPad Pro models. These models are anticipated to build on the capabilities of the current ones, which feature M2 chips, by incorporating even more powerful M3 chips. Another significant upgrade could be the introduction of an OLED display panel, a departure from the traditional LCD screens used in iPad Pro models.

Despite these enhancements, it’s speculated that the base model of the iPad Pro will maintain a price point under $1,000, potentially making it an attractive option for consumers looking for top-tier tablet technology.

The iPad Air is also poised for a significant update, with predictions suggesting the introduction of two new models equipped with M2 chips and transitioning from LCD to mini-LED display technology. This shift promises improved visual performance and color accuracy.

Accessory updates are also expected. A new iteration of the Magic Keyboard is anticipated, reported to feature a larger trackpad, addressing one of the few criticisms of the current model. Furthermore, an updated Apple Pencil is anticipated, with future compatibility enhancements aligned with visionOS, adding to its versatility and appeal.

While the “Let Loose” event is mainly hardware-focused, any additional announcements would be surprising, given the proximity to the more comprehensive WWDC in June, where Apple will reveal updates to its various operating systems. As such, this event is primarily set to spotlight the latest in Apple’s hardware advancements, particularly within its popular iPad lineup.

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